Hello everybody,
I'd like to update everyone about the Ultimate Source figure situation.
As you remember, our goal was to reach the 40 figures preorder.
We reached 32 preorders, so I decided to buy the remaining 8 by myself just
to reach the quota,but 5 people canceled their order, and some others didn't answer
and pay when I asked them to. That means we now have just 23 figures.
I decided to still go on with the purchase, but then Ultimate Source told me that they
had to ask again FedEx about shipping, because it took too long (3 months).
Sadly, they only achieved to make the situation worse,
because FedEx now wants to double the shipping price!
Now I have a problem, but I still want to help out the community and search for some solutions.
I wanted to tell you, don't be afraid about your money,
because if I don't find a solution you all will be refunded.
I apologies for the circumstances, I didn't imagine to find all of these obstacles in this initiative.

sincerly Tony aka TNC[NET]